X Series Flight Test Platform

OS-X series flight test platform to be designed based on mature technologies, mainly used in aerospace high-tech researches. It provides customized solutions for various near space experiment. X series flight test platform uses solid propellants, and It's engine's thrust reaches 500kN, which proves its strong carrying capacity. It enable the payload to reach up to 20 Mach flight speed, and be customized to meet various requirements. For instance, it could implement various ballistic modes such as reentry, gliding and cruising. Moreover, the test platform adopts modular designs, which is highly reliable and cost effective. It provides a full scale of launch services in an high-efficiency way.


Rapid respond

Performance time:
12months (initial stage)
Less than 3 months (high frequency condition)
Launch site preparation time:
less than 1 week

Customized services

Able to provide different service solutions and products according to requests of customers. Refers to payload's type, weight, function, interface, launch time, the flight parameter and data will be collected during the experiment.

Low cost

One Space has an experienced R&D team with high-efficiency R&D mode. We believe our mass production and commercial supply chain will assure product quality and reduce the cost.

Launch Method

Vertical Thermal Emission

Flight Track Diagram

OS-X Series Flight Test Platform Animated Video