Integrated Computer Control System

Integrated Computer Control System

The equipment is featured with high integration, miniaturization, light weight and high reliability. It has significant effect in optimizing electrical system design and saving system cost. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for civil UVA, and low-cost rocket, as well as other aerospace craft.



Flight control module

Flight control module
Signal acquisition
Telemetry data process
Health management

Power supply&distribution module

Power supply&distribution management
Voltage convert
Voltage and current monitoring

RF integrated based-band module

2 Diversity GPS Navigation
PCM modulation

Sequence output module

Ignition, separation
Switch on/off
Valve control
Condition monitoring

Performance Index

Dual-core processer 2500MIPS/2000MFLOPS 30/sequence module output Drive current ≥12A
64 analog input channels;
8 digital input channels
17 passive contact input channel;
2 28V switching input channels;
2 passive contact input channel
Two diversity GPS navigation Built in Test capability