Missile control and measurement control communications products

A. Missile load comprehensive control computer products

B. Missile project comprehensive measurement and control communication products

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UAV integrated avionics products

A. UAV comprehensive measurement and control products

B. UAV measurement and control communication products

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Ground monitoring and control communication products

Portable ground station

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Upper level and satellite measurement and control communications products

Upper level measuring and control equipment

Micro satellite monitoring and control equipment

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System solution

A.UAV comprehensive measurement and control products

B.UAV measurement and control communication products

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About us

About us

One Space Electronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of One Space Technology Co.,Ltd. and focus on aerospace electronic information systems and products, which aim to provide high-integration, light-weight and low-cost service. It provides a complete set of electronic information system solutions and products supporting services for the construction of integrated information service network in space.

Company Deployment

Beijing: HQ & R&D Center
Chongqing: R&D Center and Intelligent Manufacture Base
Shenzhen: Innovation R&D Center for Aerospace Electronic Products

Corporate Culture

Entrepreneurial Mindset
We believe in the dauntless and ultimate spirit of an explorer.
Communication Method
Straight forward and high efficiency
Working Method
We practice rapid iteration.

Research Skills

One Space electronics has outstanding research skills, equipped with a control system, semi-physical simulation laboratory, mainframe computer super center (around 20 trillion times), as well as an integrated software and hardware development lab for electronic information systems.

Global Partnership

  • 上海大学
  • 零重
  • 中国兵器工业
  • 中国电子科技集团公司第十研究所
  • Spacety
  • 中国航空工业集团有限公司
  • 凯盾寰宇
  • 西安电子科技大学
  • 浙江大学微小卫星
  • D-Orbit
  • 中国航天科工集团有限公司
  • 中国航天科技集团
  • 四川华工
  • 长光卫星技术
  • 北玻
  • Open Cosmos

More than 70% of the team members come from aerospace-related industries such as Aerospace Science and Technology Group, and AVIC. They have the strong theoretical background and rich engineering experience in satellite, rocket integrated control, measurement and control communications and UAV measurement and control system. All members of R&D team have master's degrees or above, and from well-known world-class universities, including Imperial College of Technology, the Delft University of Technology, the University of Texas at Dallas, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology. In addition, the company also invited experts from top institutions and universities to serve as company consultants.