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Introduction to One Space

President Xi has upgraded "Military and Civilian Integration" to national strategic level in 2015. Meanwhile, the Chinese government began to solicit opinions about legislation of commercial space industry from all sides. Policies for Chinese commercial space industry is opened gradually, and private capital began to enter into this specific area, which raised a new development trend of the commercial space industry. One Space was founded in August in the same year. There are three main business sectors of One Space: The M-series commercial launch vehicle provide high-frequency, cost-effective, and high-quality launch service to small and micro satellite customers; The X-series flight test platform provides customized solutions for scientific research and transportation; Electrical and propellant products provides support and customization services.

Corporate Culture

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We believe in the dauntless and ultimate spirit of an explorer.

Communication Method

Communication Method

Straight forward and high efficiency

Working Method

Working Method

We practice rapid iteration.

Shareholders’ Comments

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  • One Space is constantly innovating in technology research and development, the core team is gradually stable and mature, and it is prudent and pragmatic in business development!
    Wang Lei
    CICC Jiatai (Tianjin) Equity Investment Fund
  • “One Space stands high and aims far, fearless to pursuit aerospace dreams. Hope that they can move forward without fear, earnestly seek proof, lead commercial space and write more brilliant in history.”
    Huang Huasong
    Hong Tai Fund
  • It is believed that the innovation of commercial rocket launch services participated and led by One Space will reduce the cost of commercial launches, promote the application of new technologies in the aerospace field, and promote the formation and development of the commercial space market.  
    Liu Hongbin
    China Merchants Venture
  • We believe that led by Shu Chang, One Space will achieve one milestone after another and become the leader of Chinese commercial space industry.
    Xie Wenli
    Qianhai Wutong Mergers and Acquisitions Funds
  • One Space is not a simple copy of SpaceX, they faced even stronger threat and challenge. However, from the angle of an investor in cutting-edge technology. We are willing to discover and try with One Space team, as wll as assist them to create advanced aerospace products with our accumulation in the fields of the artificial intelligent and smart machines.
    Liu Wei
    Legend Star
  • I believe that One Space has chosen the right thing, Due to the technical innovation of commercial satellite, the future of commercial launch vehicle is getting brighter. as an entrepreneur specializing in science and high-tech, I highly agree with the idea of One Space Team.
    Xia Zuoquan
    Zhengxuan Capital
  • We think highly of the development potential of One Space Team. The Hit Robot Group got an abundance of resources in the aerospace field. We will support One Space's development on aspects of talents, technology, and marketing promotion, in order to help One Space to become the benchmark of commercial aerospace industry.”     
    Du Dan
    Hit Robot Group
  • Under the condition of the new normal of China's economy. Revolution and innovation become the new impetus of economy development. There are aerospace people that fulfill with courage and wisdom, as well as responsibility and accountability, is reforming the traditional commercial rocket area and restructuring our industrial blueprint. Rule breaker never grow old and success belongs to them.  
    Fang Wenjie
    Liang Jiang Aviation Industry Investment Group


  • 2015.8Founded

    One Space Beijing was founded
  • 2016.10Round A

    Round A more than 100 million RMB
  • 2017.2Chongqing Subsidiary

    One Space Chongqing was founded
  • 2017.5Government Support

    Capital support from CQ municipal government
  • 2017.12Solid Propellant Motor Test

    Success of static test of self-developed solid propellant rocket motor.
  • 2018.1Round A+

    Round A+ more than 200 million RMB
  • 2018.1Liquid Attitude Control Motor Test

    Success of test of liquid attitude control motor
  • 2018.5Maiden Launch

    Maiden Launch of OS-X rocket
  • 2018.7Liquid Attitude Control Motor Test

    M series first-stage main rocket motor has been tested successfully.
  • 2018.8Round B

    One Space secures 300 million RMB in series B funding

Company Deployment

Beijing: HQ & R&D Center
Chongqing: R&D Center and Intelligent Manufacture Base



5th floor, Building B, Tower 11, Dazu Enterprise Bay, Daxing District, Beijing, China
(010) 5331 3168



5th Floor, Liangjiang Corporate Headquarters Building, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing, China
(023) 6737 4569

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